I do photography for one reason only – to make people around me happy with nice pictures. And also because I just love it!

When I shoot, I try to be invisible and I want to catch natural moments which can’t be repeated. Of course, if you have never had a photoshoot before, I will gladly help you and give you some tips.

I shoot portraits, weddings, families, pregnancy photos and also company photos. If you are interested in wedding photography and you would like to see photos from the whole wedding day, let me know and I will be happy to send you links for my passworded client galleries. I usually don’t make these photos public, as I consider weddings a really intimate and private event.

If you like my pictures and would like to meet up with me, go ahead and contact me. I’ll be happy to meet you and create something beautiful together.

Based out of Brno, south Moravia, Central Europe, available worldwide.

– Magda (hajkmagda@gmail.com)


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